• Our next Meeting is Saturday, April 8th, 12:00 - 4:00 pm.  Mary & Drew Moores is hosting at her place.  The address 7202 Vaalrie Lane, Riverview, FL  33569.  Mary's cell is (727) 201-6840.  We will have our meeting first, main topic discuss show in March, what worked and what needs improvement.  Then our covered dish lunch - so bring a dish to share.  Then our speaker Dr Ercoli, from Collins Veterinary Services, to talk about general goat health, medicines, diseases, etc.  Bring your questions!
    You do not have to be a NDGCF member! Does not matter what breed of goats you have, or if you have any!
    Please RSVP, samiray1321@gmail.com.
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