1. NDGCF Newsletter 1 -  DEC09.pdf (Click to open) 

  2. NDGCF Newsletter 2 - AUG09.pdf (Click to open)

  3. NDGCF Newsletter 3 - MAY2010.pdf (Click to open)

  4. NDGCF Newsletter 4 - JULY2010.pdf (Click to open)

  5. NDGCF Newsletter 5 - SEPT2010.pdf (Click to open)

  6. NDGCF Newsletter 6 - APRIL2011.pdf (Click to open)

  7. Please see the great article written about one of members, Darlene Dollins in the Hometown News October 2009.  Darlene Article.pdf (Click to open)

  8. Another article published about our members, the Harts!  Check it out at http://www.ocala.com/article/20110716/ARTICLES/110719776?p=1&tc=pg

  9. Here is a link to an article written in December 2012 about our member and Treasurer, Tanya Cook in the In The Field magazine, pages 32 and 33.  http://www.inthefieldmagazine.com/cms/archives-2/hillsborough-issues/hills-dec-12

  10. Check out the great article about our club they did in the In The Field Magazine, thanks to Tanya Cook!  Club Article 2014.pdf

  11. Results from March Mini Madness 2014 MM14Results.pdf (click to open)

  12. Our membership year is from June 1st to May 31st each year.  The form to join or renew is on the Join Page.  You can fill that out and email or mail, and you can pay with a check or PayPal.

    *  Next meeting is January 27th, 2018 at 12:00 pm at Painted Feather Goats, Sami Ray's place in Dade City.  Speaker is Richard Grossman.  Topics:  Goat health and Showing!  RSVP samiray@earthlink.net